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Visiting Lectureships for 2017


Recommendations are invited from members for the following assignments so as to reach, Hon. General Secretary – API, Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar.

Dr. Yodh Memorial and Gwalior Conference Training Fellowship - 2017

For the above all lectureships and awards are open to eminent persons from the discipline of medicine and allied subjects such as Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Pathology and Physiology. All relevant papers in connection with the suggestions, such as the bio-data, list of publications etc., should be submitted in 8 sets by the proposer. The selected candidate has to deliver his/her lecture at the Institution of his/her choice in the year 2014. The candidate has to get a notification in writing from the Institution that he / she has delivered the lecture.

Those who have received Oration / Lectureship in a given category are eligible for application for the other two categories.

The members of the Governing Body of API and the Members of the Faculty Council of ICP are not eligible to receive any Oration, Lectureship or Award.
The prescribed nomination form for the above orations / Lectureship are on the API website “”

The completed application forms for the above Lectureship should reach to Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar, Hon. General Secretary of API, Unit No. 6 & 7, Turf Estate, Opp. Shakti Mill Compound, Off. Dr. E. Moses Road, Near Mahalaxmi Station West, Mumbai – 400 011 not later than 15th June 2017.
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