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APICON Guidelines (Norms for APICON)


Approved by the Governing Body meeting on 30/3/2008

  1. General : APICON will be held for 3 1/2 days inclusive of CME Programme on the 1st day 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with adequate time for lunch
  2. Venue : The conference may be held in any city, which is easily accessible by air, rail and road transport with optimal infrastructure. It should have a good auditorium / a convention center having adequate seating capacity of 2000-3000. Six to eight additional halls with a seating capacity of 150 to 200 / to 500-600 / 1000 per hall should be available close to the auditorium / convention center. Seating arrangements should be comfortable. Commuting from one hall to the other should be easy. Adequate ventilation with AC facilities should be available. Adequate space should be available for the scientific exhibition and catering within / around the conference venue.

    The city should have sufficient accommodation for 7000 people (Hotels including hotels of international standards, Guest Houses, etc.).
  3. Timing of the Conference : The conference should be held in the 2nd – 4th week of January.
  4. Procedure of selection of place for Organization of the Conference : The venue shall be decided two years in advance, as is the practice.

    Those interested in holding the conference should apply to the Honorary General Secretary of API and provide detailed information in the proper format about the conference facilities in the city. The applications for holding the conference should be received in advance (For example, for the annual conference of year 2010, the applications to the API office should be received by 31st July 2007) so that a decision regarding the venue may be taken in the next AGM after discussion in governing body meeting of September.

    The application should come from the authorized representatives of a branch / local chapter of the API (Chairman and Secretary) after holding a meeting at the local level and duly signed by the Chairman and the Secretary of the Branch/Chapter.

    The Organizing Chairman / Organizing Secretary should be selected / elected in the AGM meeting of the concerned association with proper information to the headquarter.
  5. Information's / Brochure : Location of conference venue, arrangement of different Halls, Banquet place and other details etc. should be well defined in a simple way and sent to all the delegates and put on website latest by 31st May.
  6. Badges : All the past presidents of API, Members of Governing Body, Office bearers of API, Invited international faculty, special invited guests, should be given special identity by Badges.
  7. Fund : Budget : An accredited Chartered Accountant at the local level should audit the accounts and account submitted as per the rules laid down in the constitution. The Governing Body shall review the income / expenditure budget in its regular meetings.

    A.P.I. Share

    1. 25% of the delegation fee from all categories of delegates and 50% of the fees collected from the CME program at the APICON and 10% of the income from the stalls.
    2. T.A. to the members of the Governing Body and Faculty Council to attend the September meeting / (meeting at the venue) will be borne by the Organizing Committee.
    3. Complimentary Accommodation, Registration and local Transport to President, President Elect, Imme. Past President, Hon. General Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Dean,  Imme. Past Dean and Dean Elect of ICP. (ICP Joint Sec. as per new cons)
    4. Complimentary registration and full days accommodation in a designated conference hotel those who are delivering orations at APICON.
    5. The Governing Body and General Body of the API should review this arrangement periodically for suitable modification.
    6. After meeting all the expenses the surplus fund of the conference will be transferred to the hosting local / state chapter.
  8. Registration : Concessional registration should be restricted to API Members only.  There should be provision for one time registration with all kits. Multiple counters should be arranged for speedy disposal during registration and registration enclosure should be protected from the sun and rains. Separate counter for registration of Past-Presidents, Governing Body and faculty council members, Dean, Past Deans, Orators, Members above 65 years of age, invited guests and National and International Faculty should be arranged. API Headquarters should oversee this process in co-ordination with Organizing Secretary.

    Following categories should enjoy complimentary registration.
    1. All Past Presidents of API.
    2. Past Deans of ICP.
    3. All Overseas Faculties and accommodation to designated conference hotel.
    4. Those who are delivering Orations / Lectureship during APICON
    5. Invited guests
    6. API Office Staff.
    7. The tradition of registration of Governing Body and Faculty Council Members on the previous day should be maintained as in the past.
  9. Counters for office : The counters should be provided for API, JAPI, Scientific Committee & immediate APICON.
  10. Inauguration : The inaugural programme will be held under the supervision of General Secretary API in accordance with the guidelines fixed by the Governing Body of API Normal convention and protocol should be maintained.

    Seating Arrangements on the Dais should strictly be done as per the norms laid down in constitution.
  11. Scientific Activities : The Dean-elect / President-elect are the persons responsible for holding the CME / scientific programme as per the constitution of API.

    They will do so in consultation with the members of the Scientific Committee and ratified by the Governing Body as is the current practice.
    1. Hall : All the halls should be in proximity.

      All the halls should be provided with double projection, OHP and LCD projection.

      The entry to scientific area should be restricted strictly to the delegates only and no children should be permitted.
    2. Scientific programme :
      1. Programme should start and finish in time (8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with adequate time for lunch).
      2. Scientific programme should be planned in such a way and the different systems included accordingly updating the whole medicine in three years time, keeping in mind that the newer developments are not ignored.
      3. Scientific papers should be limited in numbers and of high quality with emphasis on original works.
      4. Number of lectures to be reduced to give more time to speakers and facilitate   audience participation.
      5. Last dates for submission of abstracts should be the same in all the official letters, JAPI and different web sites.
      6. Publications : All the scientific content is the domain and responsibility of President-elect / Dean to be published by them only. No other person or company can publish the same   without his / her permission. There should be no duplication of the scientific programs printing by anybody else.

        Proceedings of conferences in CD format prepared by, President-elect API / Dean ICP/organizing secretary in consultation with President-elect API / Dean-elect ICP, may be issued to all the delegates.   Live telecast should be considered.
      7. Chair Persons : Chairperson should strictly maintain the timing and insure audience participation for better interaction. They should avoid lengthy comments whilst chairing session and introduce the speaker and the topic in two minutes.
      8. Faculty - International : Maximum of 8-10 international faculty to be invited for four days. Their services may be utilized for both the CME and the scientific programme.

        The Organizing Secretary will give all the local hospitality to10 invited International Faculty (includes stay in 5 Star Hotel, food and local transport).

        National : The President-elect and the Dean-elect ICP will insure that the national faculty members are registered delegates, if they are not registered then President-elect and the Dean-elect ICP will take care their respective faculty members for the registration on the basic charges.
      9. Certificate of participating Delegates / Faculty / Free Papers / M. Vishwanathan Poster Presenters) should be made available. It should be signed by President, President Elect, Hon. Gen. Secretary, Organising Secretary, and for CME Certificates President, President Elect, Dean, Hon. General Secretary and Organising Secretary
      10. Free Papers / M. Vishwanathan Poster Session / Poster Sessions should be encouraged and given due importance. The basic infrastructure for the Poster Session should be taken care of by the Organizing Secretary in consultation with the President-elect.

        Some of the best free papers / posters may be condensed and shifted to award session / main scientific programme. At least one of the authors must be API member.

        The poster session should be put in the lunch hour for one hour.
  12. Food : Catering area should be spacious and adequate to cater to at least 5000-6000 or more delegates.

    Hygienic lunch in sufficient quantity should be served on all the days, keeping in mind the whole country and the regional variation in food habits.
  13. Public Address System : There will be only one centralized public address system in the conference and public address system in the different stalls will not be permitted.
  14. Exhibition & Hospitality : Exhibition halls should be adequately spaced.

    The Hospitality area for the associate delegates and children should be away from the scientific area with all comforts and game etc.
  15. Accommodations: Hotel accommodation charges should be charge on the basis of  per night.
  16. Transport : The Organizing Committee should arrange for free transport for the attending delegates to and from the official places of stay spell out in brochure like hotels, the venue of the conference, airport, railway stations and the venue of the dinner and banquet everyday.  There should be well-displayed and publicized routes and frequency of transport services.