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Monographs 2018

1. Approach To General Examination & History Taking In Clinical Medicine Dr. R. Rajasekar
2. Immune Mediated Neurological Disorders Dr. K. Mugundhan
3. Urgencies & Emergencies in Rheumatology Dr.Aman Sharma & Dr.Rohini Handa
4. Tropical Rheumatology Dr. Rohini Handa & Aman Sharma
5. Drugs and Kidney Dr. N.P. Singh
6. Inflammatory Myopathies Dr. G. Narsimulu
7. Challenges in achieving Euglycaemia Dr. Y.P. Munjal & Dr. Anupam Prakash
8. Infections in Diabetes-Indian scenario Dr. Jayant Panda
9. Practical Guide on Insulin Therapy for the beginners Dr. R. Chandni
10. Obesity Dr. C.L. Nawal
11. Hypothyroidism & Pregnancy Dr. Sameer Aggarwal
12. Treatment Protocols on various day to day common diseases Dr. Preetam Arthur
13. COPD Dr. Ramesh R. Dargad